Absalon and Active Professionals CRM Announce Partnership

Postad: september 26, 2013

Absalon International announced today that Active Professionals joined the Absalon Partner Program in conjunction with the roll out of the Lundbeck Netherlands CRM project.

Active Professionals is based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and has a 100% focus on implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Edwin Quarles van Ufford, CRM unit manager, is also one of the founders of the organization: “Our CRM team members are dedicated professionals, which each their own skillsets. Our people are highly flexible, communicative and always working in our clients interest.“ Active Professionals CRM focus is on clients in the Benelux and is often commissioned by international corporations, across Europe. In 2012, CBS Live (now Active Professionals CRM) joined forces with Active Professionals, to create a driving force in the CRM space.

The collaboration with CBS Live-Active Professionals CRM led to a successful project and implementation at Lundbeck Netherlands. We are engaged Lundbeck from a headquarter level on a country rollout model and were impressed with the CRM acumen of CBS Live. Using Microsoft Sure Step methodology kept the project and partnership aligned which resulted in a satisfied customer and most important, end user. We are looking forward to expanding our reach within the Benelux and our partnership with CBS Live.Sebastian Merlöv, CEO Absalon International.

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Sebastian Merlöv, CEO, +46 40 660 73 91, sebastian.merlov@absaloncrm.com

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Michelle Revsbech, Partner Director, +46 70 284 59 71, michelle.revsbech@absaloncrm.com

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