Absalon and ProActive Announce Nordic Partnership

Postad: september 09, 2013

Absalon International announced today that ProActive joined the Absalon Partner Program.

ProActive is a Danish IT Consulting Company founded in 1997 and is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner. ProActive currently employs approximately 100 people and is based in Denmark with headquarters in Copenhagen and offices in Aarhus and Odense. ProActive provides IT consulting services and solutions focusing on process efficiency, knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration based on Microsoft standard software platforms.

“Absalon is dedicated to the Microsoft partner eco-system and joining forces with ProActive aligns with our 1-2 partner per market strategy. ProActive will help to further penetrate the Life Science and Consumer Goods verticals within the Nordics. ProActive’s experience within the Microsoft technology stack and reputation within the community are a winning combination.” Sebastian Merlöv, CEO Absalon International.

“The recently concluded partnership with Absalon goes hand in hand with our focus on Life Sciences and Consumer Goods and our go-to-market strategy with Dynamics CRM in these industries. We are confident that the partnership with Absalon will strengthen our position as a leading provider of Microsoft CRM solutions in Denmark and the other Nordic countries.” Mikkel Aude, Director ProActive.

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For More info:

Sebastian Merlöv, CEO, +46 40 660 73 91, sebastian.merlov@absaloncrm.com

For More info on the Absalon International Partner Program:

Michelle Revsbech, Partner Director, +46 70 284 59 71, michelle.revsbech@absaloncrm.com

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